Q: Is there any hidden fees?
A: No...only for extra supplies if needed.
Q: Is there a travel fee on local moves?
A: No..long as the move is within the Charlotte area.
Q: Are you licence and insured?
A: Yes..any mover that is legal should be. 
Q: Do you move out of State?
A: Yes..Call for a Free Estimate
Q: What is a binding vs non-binding contract?
A: Binding contract is a set fee and a non-binding contract is a hourly fee.
Q: Do you recommend a binding or non binding contract
A: A binding contract lets you know your charges and fee up front. This can be less stressful if the price giving is acceptable to you.
Q: Do you have special offers or  Discounts?
A: Yes.. we offer Senior discounts and special offers through our website.
Q: What is Prep services and how do it work?
A: we give you 30 minutes of free time for us to wrap, disassemble and prepare your home for the move. This service applies to moves that is over 5 hours usually a day before your move.
Q: why a prep service?
A: we want to make your move as efficient as possible. In the long run, 30 minutes could save you hours of wasted time. During this time we tell you exactly what to do in order to save and prepare.


We are a full service Moving Company. We specialize in loading and unloading of our Licensed and fully insured fleet of trucks. Being Licensed, helps provide you with the safety and security that is needed as a Customer. Being in compliance with State Law  protects you as a consumer and insures you that your most valuable assets are protected.

Our Prep Service

With our 30 minute prep service. We will come and wrap and pad your furniture along with assisting in telling you everything you need to make your move quick and easy. Although we do not unhook appliances, we will help with any disassembling of your furniture. We will consult you and steer you towards the best way to making our job easy and saving you time and money in the process.