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EZ ACCESS MOVERS started in 2010. The owner Christopher Howell is a native of Charlotte and graduated from Campbell University with a B.S degree in Management. Upon Graduation, his first job was at a Moving Van line as a "Quality leader" and "Certified trainer." It was there; he received the necessary training and experience required to start his own business. He observed and noticed that the "Moving Industry" lacked certain qualities, so he developed his concepts: "The four P's of moving."

The first concept is always to take "Pride" in your work, Secondly, it is imperative to always remain "Professional" during your move. Thirdly, you must always stay "Positive" throughout the whole moving experience and Finally, always be "Protective" of other peoples goods. As a former Real Estate Broker in the State of North Carolina, he saw first and foremost just how important those concepts needed to be. These concepts are the focal points that make up his company's training policies and procedures. So, whenever you decide to Move, we hope that you will take the opportunity to support our business.. We want to be your EZ Access and source for moving.

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