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  • Do you recommend a binding or non binding contract?
    A binding contract lets you know your charges and fee up front. This can be less stressful if the price giving is acceptable to you.
  • Are there any hidden fees?
    There are no hidden fee's. We only charge you for extra supplies if they are needed. You will be made aware up-front if extra supplies are needed.
  • What is Prep services and how do it work?
    We give you 30 minutes of free time for us to wrap, disassemble and prepare your home for the move. This service applies to moves that are 5 hours or more and we usually schedule them a day before your move.
  • Are you licence and insured?
    Yes..any mover that is legal should be. All Movers are regulated through the North Carolina Utilities Commission. Check their web-site at and make sure that the movers you choose, are properly License and insured. This is what protects you as a consumer.
  • What if my closing is delayed and I have to be out of my current location?
    EZ Access Movers is currently designing a program that will allow for delays of your move. We are in the process of purchasing extra equipment that will allow you to store your already wrapped furniture. Keep in mind, the more your furniture is touched, the greater the chance for your items to be either lost or damaged. We are creating a solution that will allow you to move your furniture only twice so that your cost for moving are kept low due to unforeseen delays. Less moving of your items, means less issues that may occur. This is a temporary fix for delays and can not be used for long term storage.
  • Do you move out of State?
    Our goal is to try and be as efficient as possible and we have more control on keeping the cost down on local moves. However, we are able to accomodate you if you decide to move outside North Carolina. Please give us a call and we will give you a written and binding estimate at no cost.
  • Why a prep service?
    We want to make your move as efficient as possible. In the long run, 30 minutes could save you hours of wasted time. During this time we tell you exactly what to do in order to save and prepare. We help you dissasenble furniture and shrink wrap the items that are normally time consuming. We send two guys to help and assist. Emergency moves and moves that are not booked within 48 hours, do not qualify for our Prep service. We need enough time to schedule in advance in order to be able to supply you with this service..
  • What is a binding vs non-binding contract?
    Binding contract is a set fee and a non-binding contract is a hourly fee.
  • Do you have special offers or Discounts?
    Yes.. we offer Senior discounts and we ocassionally offer special discounts on our website and through our "Customer referral Program." If you have recieved one of our "Vip referral coin's, you are entitled to special savings. See: "VIP Referral Program" question.
  • Is there a travel fee on local moves or for extra stops?
    There are no travel fee's if your move is within 30 miles of your new destination. Our time starts at the pick up location and ends once all of your items are unloaded at your ending destination.. Extra stops can be tricky at times especially when our services are geared on saving you time and money. Just as long as your stops are within the 30 mile radius, we do not charge you an extra fee. However, the clock will still be running on our hourly moves. If you are given a binding contract, please let us know a head of time so that we can give you an accurate price for your move.
  • What is a "VIP Referral Program, "VIP Coin?""
    The owner is currently an in-active Real Estate Broker in the State of N.C. So, EZ Access Movers came up with a program that allows Brokers to pre-pay for moves anywhere from two to six hours. This incentive referral program allows Brokers to pay for moving services in advance at a discounted rate.This unique one of a kind coin can be used for any of the services that we provide. Check with your Real Estate Broker to see if they are a participant of this program.

Residential  Moving

We are a full service Moving Company. We specialize in loading and unloading of our Licensed and fully insured fleet of trucks. Being Licensed, helps provide you with the safety and security that is needed as a Customer. Complying with State Law  protects you as a consumer and ensures you that your most valuable assets are protected.

Our Prep Service

With our 30-minute prep service. We will come and wrap and pad your furniture along with assisting in telling you everything you need to make your move quick and easy. Although we do not unhook appliances, we will help with any disassembling of your furniture. We will consult you and steer you towards the best way to making our job easy and saving you time and money in the process.

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